I run 8 and 10 week one to one Poetry Workshops on line.


During the span of a course you will receive weekly lessons and extensive critiques of your poems.  The focus of the lessons range from poetics like 'endings' and 'imaginative leaps' to specific poets that run the gamut from Pablo Neruda to Anne Sexton to Danez Smith to Heather Christle--the classics and the contemporary.  


Critiques are built around a very nurturing and, at the same time, pointed criticism of work.  If you would like to see a sample critique, click here.


The work takes place over email.



8 week course -  $400

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10 week course -  $500

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1 Year Workshop -  $1200

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Workshop - $600

Manuscript Consultation (Full Length) -  $800


Manuscript Consultation (Chapbook) -  $500