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November 2018, Green Mountains Review, Two Poems

November 2018, Matter, "They Dug Up Their Joy And Buried It Again," "Hours and Hours of Grass."

June 2018, Bodega Magazine,"Someone Will Love You Many Times"

September 2017, Voluble

May 2017, The Cresset, "Parking Lot Poem At The Edge Of Things"

May 2016, Souvenir Lit Magazine, 2 poems

April 2016, Diode, 2 poems

March 2015, Okey-Panky, 3 poems

November 2014, Narrative Magazine, "The Territory Of Being Beautiful"


November 2014, Pangyrus, "Crime Shows"


November 2014, New England Review, Essay, "The Big Beautiful Barbeque That Is Manhood: Jay Nebel's 'Men'"


November 2014, Cultural Weekly, Two Poems


October 2014, Sixth Finch "But A Canoe But A Butterfly"


October 2014, The Good Men Project, "When I Was Pregnant"


July 2014, Academy of American Poets, Poem-A-Day, "Slowly In Prayer"


June 2014, Review of AMERICAN CHEW, The Rumpus


April 2014, Winner Anna Davidson Rosenberg prize for poem, "Salami Jew".


February 2014, "Not Huron or Michigan,", poem, Green Mountains Review


February 2014--Review of AMERICAN CHEW, Green Mountains Review


February 2014--Review of AMERICAN CHEW, Coldfront Magazine


January 2014--Review of AMERICAN CHEW, American Micro Reviews


January 2014--Drunken Boat, "The Lox Situation"


January 2014--Ampersand Review, "The Land of Things Come Undone," "The Chinese Character For Love Is Love," "The Josh Rilla Juice Cleanse," "When You Were So Pregnant"


January 2014--AMERICAN POETRY REVIEW, "Blowhole"


December 2013--i thought i was new here BLOG, some poems.


November 2013--Winner of The Georgetown Review Magazine Contest for poem, "Savagery."


October 2013--"Wolf Territory" from AMERICAN CHEW on Poetry Daily.


October 2013--Tin House blog post, here.


September 2013--Green Mountains Review essay, Why Write?


September 2013--2 Paragraphs essay, "Burning Burning Burning."


April 2013--Winner of The Burnside Review Press Poetry Contest for collection, AMERICAN CHEW.

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